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Fanfiction Links


Treading Icy Waters
The board has been laid out. The pieces have been set and moved. The pawns are scattered across the floor, and Ichimaru’s fingers are wrapped around a stark white bishop. “That’s another check, little taichou.” The game has only begun.

Chapter 00 | Shattered
Chapter 01 | Open and Close
Chapter 02 | Unnecessary Interaction
Chapter 03 | Interrupt Homeostasis
Chapter 04 | Sayonara Starry Skies
Chapter 05 | Sugar Skull
Chapter 06 | Gravity
Chapter 07 | Falling Up and Getting Down
Chapter 08 | All of the Above
Chapter 09 | New Rhythm Blues
Chapter 10 | Mask of Another Kind
Chapter 11 | Signal Flare
Chapter 12 | Illegal is Always Faster
Chapter 13 | Everything in Moderation
Chapter 14 | Put Up Your Good Hand
Chapter 15 | Understatement of the Year
Chapter 16 | The Devil's Arcade
Chapter 17 | Free Fall
Chapter 18 | Dodging the Depths
Chapter 19 | Nine Lives
Chapter 20 | Retro Virus
Chapter 21 | Like a Worm from a Bird
Chapter 22 | Rosebud
Chapter 23 | Rebound Reject
Chapter 24 | Back Stage Backtrack
Chapter 25 | Pieces of You
Chapter 26 | Reflections

Dead Man Walking
Hitsugaya's disappearance left Seireitei with plenty of unanswered questions, but when a boy, identical to the supposedly late taichou, appears on Earth, to what lengths will everyone go to find out why? And when the answer does come, will it be too late?

Chapter 00 | Bury Me Deep
Chapter 01 | Ignorance Before Bliss
Chapter 02 | No Penetration
Chapter 03 | Into the Hype
Chapter 04 | Ethereal
Chapter 05 | Backlash
Chapter 06 | Death to Conservatism
Chapter 07 | Salt on Open Wounds
Chapter 08 | The New Oldies
Chapter 09 | Monsters in Cages
Chapter 10 | Baby, Don't Fear the Reaper

The Narcissus
Rangiku Matsumoto is thrust into unwilling captaincy when former captain Gin Ichimaru is captured by the royal navy. In a moment of drunken desperation, she drags her crew down with her to kidnap a prince and force a trade. But who is this boy by the prince's side, and why can't she tell what he's thinking?

Chapter 01 | To Port
Chapter 02 | Pretty Damn Stupid
Chapter 03 | Gin's Flowers
Chapter 04 | Believers and Deserters
Chapter 05 | Storm Fishing
Chapter 06 | Same Difference
Chapter 07 | To Each His Own
Chapter 08 | Once in a Blue Moon
Chapter 09 | Stray with Me
Chapter 10 | Dream Catcher
Chapter 11 | Down the Hatch
Chapter 12 | Pretending
Chapter 13 | In Too Deep
Chapter 14 | Crossing the Line
Chapter 15 | Time nor Tides
Chapter 16 | Jericho Had Walls


Saints and Sinners
With a turf war on the horizon, four unlikely friends band together, determined to survive at all costs. This proves easier said than done when enemies arise at every turn. Even in the mirror.

Chapter 01 | Lion and Mouse

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