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Wind ([personal profile] windroars) wrote2017-04-12 10:30 pm

commissions: open


$1 for a single icon
$14 for every 15 icons

➛ Comment here with your request and/or any questions you may have.

➛ In your request, please include the manga or doujinshi panels you want to be made into icons as well as at least one color reference. Panels that require clean up are no problem, but I prefer not to redraw.

➛ I am open to doing no more than 30 icons at a time. If you want more than that, please wait until the first 30 icons are done, then commission the rest.

➛ I accept payment up front through paypal. Once I've received your panels, I will PM you my paypal information.

➛ After I receive payment, I will send you the first finished icon so you can approve style and color choice. Once I get the go ahead, I'll get going.


1. available
2. available
3. available

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