May. 20th, 2035 12:08 pm
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Welcome to [ profile] windroars, an account that is henceforth to be used for any fanfiction and roleplay information I decide should be here. You will not find any personal entries here because I will not be making anymore. If you would like to contact me for personal things, however, feel free to do so through PMs, IMs, or Plurk.

Hopefully from now on I can keep things cleaner and better managed.


Internet Handle: Wind
Formerly: [ profile] zoldyck_fan and [ profile] windroars


Icon Comm: [community profile] windswept_icons

Fandom Focus: Bleach, Hunter x Hunter, and Durarara!!
Genre Focus: General/Adventure/Suspense, though I do occasionally try my hand at Romance
Current Status: Roleplaying too much to keep up with fanfic


Games: [community profile] enervation
Current Status: Slowest of the slow
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